Trade enquiry system: global trade data for steel and other base metals

Our online database allows you to access data at your own leisure as soon as a country has been updated, which you will be updated about via email. ISSB holds trade data for 78 countries including the largest steel producing countries in the world. Here, we have demonstrated some examples of how the Trade Enquiry System works, and you can book a full demonstration with us.

This video gives a short insight into how ISSB's Trade Enquiry System helps businesses select and monitor metals trade data

The Trade Enquiry System is user-friendly and searchable by source country, flow, market country, HS code, port data (for 7 countries), tonnes and value (GBP, EUR, USD). We give you the ability to view monthly import and export data, enabling you to visualise market changes to have a better understanding of the movement of steel and other base metals around the world.

This video gives an example of how the data provided by the Trade Enquiry System could be used

See how you can select trade flow data, from imports and exports, and explore by individual countries, regions, or worldwide datasets.
  • The data selection can be customised by market countries, viewing each country separately or by region, or include ports.
  • The metals trade report can then be further personalised with product level selection at a 6-digit level, or even further for advanced users. Following this, you can identify market trends by splitting the results by year, quarter or month depending on which international trade flows you need to analyse, and by tonnes and value.
Once you have chosen your dataset, you can download it at your convenience in an Excel file format.
Statistics download: a sample
Check out this sample of Hot Rolled Wide Strip statistics to see how it looks.

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