Global trade data at your fingertips.

Global trade data for steel and other base metals
The ISSB database includes trade data for 130 countries, including the largest steel producers globally. As soon as a country is updated, our online database will send you an email notification and you can access the data straightaway at your own convenience.

ISSB's Trade Enquiry System is cloud-based and contains global trade data for steel and other base metals. We provide monthly, quarterly or annual cumulative reports detailing the export trade of 130 countries. With an annual subscription to our trade enquiry system, you get complete access to an extensive online database of trade data for raw materials, ores, and other base metals, plus more items, across 130 countries with historical data back to 2019.

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ISSB: our history
More than 40 years of experience in steel statistics
ISSB is a central part of the steel industry as a leading supplier of global trade data since 1979. We provide high quality data and expert insight into the global metals markets.

The origins of ISSB's data collection: a long history of collaboration with the steel sector
We have lived and breathed statistics on the metals industry since 1979.  Prior to the 1988 privatisation, the ISSB team was a core part of the British Steel Corporation's statistics department. We are now known as ISSB (International Steel Statistics Bureau), and the statistics department has transformed into an independent body that serves the metals, steel, financial and business sectors today.
Our tailored metals and steel data offer
ISSB builds tailored data reports with decades of steel and metals knowledge for you.

ISSB has continued to grow its offer and wealth of experience, and we now provide huge swathes of critical data to our clients. Our ISSB Trade Enquiry System gives clients the latest import and export tonnes and prices back to 2019, from 130 countries.

The extensive online database offers accurate and up to date statistical information for 130 countries at 6-, 8- and 10-digit tariff code level, 78 for which we have data back to the 1980s. We also offer monthly bespoke reports, and quarterly market updates relevant to the sector, and everything in between.

Whatever your metals import and export data related requirements, ISSB is here to work with you and add value to your business.

ISSB offers a complimentary 30 minute online call with a member of our team to discuss how to use the trade enquiry system, and the data we have available to you.

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The services ISSB can provide

How ISSB has helped our global clients.

 For companies like us that operate globally, it is very important to have a real-time, both comprehensive and in-detail view of global steel trade. TES meets our expectations and needs very well. 

Kyota Wada JFE Steel Corporation

 ISSB have alighted on a user-friendly search and download format that over major searches will save hours or even days compared with using the most readily available alternatives. Most importantly, ISSB discriminates for quality when collecting their data. 

Sue Taylor Farnborough Engineering Consultants

 ISSB has been associated with us for more than one decade. We source global import and export statistics from ISSB which is useful for our qualitative analysis. 

Ashutosh Kumar JSW Steel Limited

 ISSB provides reliable trade data from which we benefit for our market analysis and helps us to understand the trends in the market. 

Arzu Cakir ENPAY Endustriyel Pazarlama v e Yatirim A.S.

 I cannot express my gratitude for putting together such a great platform! 

Gianpiero Mattera OECD

 We rely on accurate and timely data to track patterns and changes in trade flows through international markets. ISSB has been invaluable in this regard. Their global trade database is easy to use. It saves me time by bringing together data from a wide range of sources. The database receives regular performance updates making it an increasingly powerful tool. I now save even more time by scheduling queries. This means I know I always have the latest available data when updating my reports. The team at ISSB have been great to work with. Their support is prompt and helpful whenever I’ve had questions or needed assistance. 

Jon Carruthers-Green MEPS International

 We have been using ISSB for many years. We find their quarterly statistics very useful and a great tool to have in the current trading environment. We would recommend ISSB services to anyone wanting to collect more data about imports and exports of steel products. 

Nathalie Phillips Stemcor Distribution Limited
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